Got Unwanted Critters on Your Property?

Got Unwanted Critters on Your Property?

Hire us for residential animal removal in Forest Grove & Hillsborough, OR

Is wildlife destroying the crops on your Forest Grove, OR farm? Perhaps your property has become the favorite place for little critters. Don't worry about a thing - just call Dahlke Animal Control LLC for wildlife removal services. You can trust us to trap animals outside your home and remove them from your property. We have experience working in various residential settings, including farms and vineyards. We specialize in, but are not limited to gopher and mole removal.

Don't let wildlife cause property damage or personal health issues. Call now to schedule professional residential animal removal.

Learn the risks that wildlife may cause

Wild animals may look cute, but they can create problems you're better off avoiding. When you hire Dahlke Animal Control LLC, we'll remove animals before they have the opportunity to wreak havoc.

Without residential animal removal, wild animals can:

  • Damage electrical wiring
  • Destroy insulation
  • Carry disease
  • Bring fleas, ticks and other parasites
  • Harm you or your pets

While we don't deal with mice and rats, we'll assist with the removal of other rodents like squirrels and gophers. Reach out to schedule wildlife removal services in Forest Grove & Hillsborough, OR.