Count on Us to Remove Almost Any Critter

Count on Us to Remove Almost Any Critter

Come to us for opossum removal services in and around Forest Grove & Hillsborough, OR

Have wild animals become a nuisance around your residential or commercial property? At Dahlke Animal Control LLC, we have the experience necessary to safely trap and remove unwanted wildlife that won't go away. We work within a 50-mile radius of Forest Grove & Hillsborough, OR to provide skunk, raccoon, mole and opossum removal services.

Call now to make an appointment for gopher, nutria or raccoon removal services on your property.

Don't let a small wildlife problem escalate

What started as one little squirrel quickly turned into a dozen animals running amuck across your property. Don't let your yard become a playground for wild animals. Turn to Dahlke Animal Control LLC for wildlife removal.

You can trust us with:

  • Opossum removal services
  • Raccoon removal services
  • Squirrel removal services
  • Beaver removal services
  • Gopher removal services
  • Mole removal services

Please note that we do not work with problems involving rats or mice. Reach out to schedule an appointment with a wild animal removal pro in Forest Grove or Hillsborough, OR.